Coronavirus Cleaning

Our goal is to provide our clients with a clean & healthy environment. In our cleaning processes, we only use disinfectants that have been deemed effective by the EPA's Emerging Pathogen Standard. While no cleaning products can claim to kill the particular strain of COVID-19 involved in the current pandemic due to the fact that it is a new virus, our products meet the EPA's standard as likely effective against the virus, based on previous Coronavirus strains. In addition, we focus on wiping & disinfecting ALL high touch areas in your Feasterville-Trevose, PA location.

If you believe that your facility may have been exposed to COVID-19, or if you are interested in preemptively stepping up your cleaning regime to help mitigate disruptions to your business and put your customers and the public at ease, contact us today to schedule a site visit and get a quote for a deep/disinfection cleaning.

Let Dr. Clean Janitorial Services be your first defense against viruses and germs!